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Try an amazing Cabo massage service right in your private villa , condo or hotel in Cabo and forget about everything!!

You can experience a sensational Sport, Swedish, Aromatherapy or a Reflexology massage with our professional masseuses that will provide an outstanding service, your Cabo Spa services by Cabo Catering.

Our services Include also the organization and execution of

  • HOT STONE MASSAGE 1 hr | $160 USD

    Experience the highest level of relaxation with a hot healing technique utilizing several unique massage therapies.

  • SALT SCRUB 45 min | $70 USD

    Highly stimulating treatment designed to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the body.

  • FOUR HAND MASSAGE 1 hr | $170 USD

    Performed by two highly experienced therapist utilizing techniques designed to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Includes yoga bodystretching.

  • BODY WRAP (seaweed) 1 hr | $50 USD

    A body masque is applied, consisting of healing and regenerative properties designed to restore body tone and eliminate cellulites.


    This therapy is uniquely designed to treat the sportsmen utilizing healing techniques to promote the release of chronic or recurring muscle tension.

  • BODY WRAP (clay mud) 1 hr | $110 USD

    A body massage is applied, it consists of healing and regenerative properties designed to promote and stimulate the circulatory system and oxygenation of the skin, including detoxification of the body.

  • SWEDISH MASSAGE 1 hr | $90 USD

    Experience a soothing and relaxing treatment designed for the relief of stress and provide renewed vigor and vitality.

  • FACIAL 1 hr | $90 USD

    Radiant deep cleansing penetrating and rejuvenating with make-up, it includes neck and shoulders massage.


    This therapy is designed to stimulate and balance the body´s natural energy utilizing strategically applied essential oils.

  • PEDICURE SPA 45 min | $50 USD

  • MANICURE SPA 45 min | $40 USD


    This therapy is designed to stimulate the reflexive points of the hands and feet through pressure hand massage techniques.

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